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Friends of Cochiti Fire

A 501(3)(c)

Funding for the fire station comes from the State of New Mexico and covers the bare minimum of operations. The Emergency Medical Services (which represents the majority of our calls) is paid for with patient billings. As with many insurance companies, we are not always reimbursed for the entire value of services provided. We also have limited funds to pay for training new recruits. It often times feels like we live paycheck to paycheck and it makes it almost impossible to save for emergencies. Every year we try to put money aside to have enough to purchase the inevitable replacement of equipment, like the heater for the station.  We appreciate your support. 


Not everyone in our community is able to volunteer to fight fires and provide emergency medical care to the sick and inured. That's why the Cochiti Fire Department has formed a 501(3)(c) Friends of Cochiti Fire Department.


 Consider making a donation to keep this valuable service going. Below is our Venmo link It's the easiest way to donate! We appreciate your support. 

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